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Cory: The Upside?

Whatever Senator Bernardi’s true motivation – and accusing Parliamentarians of egotism seems a redundant criticism – I wonder if his decision isn’t good news for the Liberal Party. In the first instance, one might argue that it’s less credible and less corrosive to be criticised from without than from within. Secondly, it’s unlikely that the… Continue Reading

The reflexive totalitarianism of the Left

The quintessential American Leftist, Richard Rorty, once advised us: “There are credentials for admission to our democratic society, credentials which we liberals have been making more stringent by doing our best to excommunicate racists, male chauvinists, homophobes and the like. You have to be educated in order to be a citizen of our society, a… Continue Reading

More method in the Senate madness

With the Senate result all but declared, the question has been posed: “what was the Government thinking”?  After all, the ostensible purpose of the new voting legislation was to avoid a dysfunctional crossbench. That has clearly not happened, with the Government needing either Labor, the Greens, or nine from eleven ‘others’ to pass any Bill.… Continue Reading

Politics v. Reality

So the Democrats believe e-mail leaks are a Russian plot to assist Donald Trump. Those cunning Russians. Expect Bulgarian umbrellas soon. And Michael Moore tells us that the Donald will win because he’s the last stand of the Angry White Man. A little more plausible than the Russians: at least the AWM can vote. At… Continue Reading

Do we need a new Conservative Party?

No. But I digress. Back in 1990, when I was a youngish campaigner, the Liberal Party suffered its latest defeat, with Labor retaining a slim majority of three seats. It was a poll where the result was unclear on the night, and when a mid-term conservative leader had been replaced on the basis of poor… Continue Reading

Is equality the new hypocrisy?

Last Thursday, the Archbishop of Hobart, Julian Porteous, and the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, were given 21 days to respond to a complaint to the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commission. The substance of the allegation is that the Church’s dissemination of a booklet outlining Catholic teaching on marriage – via Catholic Schools – could be prohibited conduct… Continue Reading

Are Marriage and Legislation an Enduring Partnership?

            It’s an interesting week for marriage. We’ve learnt from the ALP conference that consciences, apparently like dairy products, have use-by dates. Various prognoses have been delivered for a ‘bipartisan’ Bill in support of gay marriage, as well as for a potential referendum. And Labor – with no apparent sense… Continue Reading

Election 2013: 10 Key Questions

In the tradition of the classical augurs, I thought I’d rummage through the entrails of Saturday and divine answers to 10 pressing questions. Will the Senate be workable from July 2014?  At this stage, we’re still waiting to see whether there are 39 non-Labor/Green Senators to shift the balance.  What is certain is that real… Continue Reading

Some thoughts on women while wearing a blue tie

As a man with a known partiality to blue neckwear, I feel eminently qualified – indeed duty-bound – to respond to the Prime Minister’s unprovoked attack on my community. To open, I wish to commend the Prime Minister.  As a conservative white male, nothing irritates me more than the suggestion that any minority should be beyond attack –… Continue Reading

Climate Change: The Litmus Test Issue of Our Time

The great climate change debate has evolved into one of the most defining issues of our time. One’s attitude to “climate change” really does define you as either a Conservative or a Progressive. It has become a classic litmus test issue. Progressives tend to “believe in climate change”; Conservatives tend not to do so. Thus… Continue Reading